Saturday, April 08, 2006

An Update.

Here's some new stuff that is going on:

*I no longer work at Convergys.

*We got a new car. It's a Jetta. (I'll show a picture on another post.)

*Holden walks everywhere now. He's sooooooo active.

*Holden got his first ear infection. Though it's only a "minor ear infection".

*Matt starts his new job on Monday.

*He's still going to work at UMC on the weekends...just until they can train someone. Which he found out from his boss that even though he'll only be working 2 days a week they have to show that he's working full time or they would have to hire someone right he's going to use pto to cover the extra hours. Which is awesome because that means he'll be getting a full week's paycheck from UMC and his new job! Wahoo!

*We were thinking about purchasing a house, but we've decided to wait a little longer. We want to have a down payment saved up plus if we wait a little longer I will have more of a credit history. By then my credit card and the cars will be showing. So we're waiting.

Holden meets the Easter Bunny!

I was surprised because I thought he would cry, but he was just intrigued.