Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pictures of our House

Haven't updated in a while, so...

*We ended up buying a house. We closed on May 8th!! It's nice to be living in our own house.

*On May 16 I found out I'm pregnant. We are really excited. The baby will be due right around Holden's 2nd Birthday.

*On May 24th something really bad happened. In the early hours of that morning our 2 dogs managed to get out of the fence. The next day I found out that Toby (my 2 year old) was hit by a car. We found Chandler at the pound a few days later. We are completely devastated. Toby was our first dog together and we loved him very very much.

Well I guess that's about all. I better go. Holden is done with his lunch.