Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow, my how things change!!!!!

My last post talked about how we had definitely not moving into the house we had wanted. It looked as if we would be moving back to our old house. Well things took a turn for the good!

Just 2 days before we were going to take our old house off the market and move back we received an offer. Not just any offer - a cash offer! AND they wanted a quick closing! (That's exactly what we needed to make everything work out!) Their offer was below what we were asking. But, we stood our ground and eventually got what we wanted.

We coulndn't believe everything was falling into place.

However we ended up having to get through another big hurdle.

We closed on our old house and everything went well. Yay. Then came the closing for the house we were purchasing... dun dun dun duuuuh.....

3 HOURS before closing we get a call from our lender. Apparently the underwriter decided to take another look at our loan and requested we have 3 months worth of mortgage payments in our checking account. This is after everything was supposed to of been approved and ready to go.

We didn't have that much money on top of paying the down payment. After many hours of running around town trying to get the problem worked out we finally figured out a solution. We had to go with a different bank and with a higher interest rate. UGH!

Our closing was postponed til the next day. The next morning we got another call from our lender. It was starting to feel like deja vu, but luckily it was GOOD NEWS! Yay!

The underwriter had changed his mind and approved our orginal loan. Phew!

So we got the rate we wanted and everything worked out!!!!!!!

This whole selling a house/ buying a house process was a VERY bumpy road, but we are very happy to be in our new house.

I can't wait to show some picture of what we have already done. Last weekend we spent many many hours painting. This weekend we're doing some landscaping! It's going to be so pretty.:-)