Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long time since posting.

We are all doing good.. just busy. I'm working at one of the Early Learning centers and Holden is going to daycare there. It's working out pretty well. And the extra income is nice. Especially with Christmas and Holden's 2nd Birthday around the corner.

Holden is recovering from a pretty bad rash. When he first got it we thought it was an allergic reaction to the new detergent we used. Then we thought it was chicken pox. We went to the doctor and it turned out that it was a "drug reaction". Holden had been prescribed Augmentin to treat his double ear infection and pink eye. We stopped giving him Augmentin and have been giving him Benadryl twice a day.. and the rash is slowly going away.

The picture the the right is how the rash looked:

Well that's about all I guess. We are excited about Thanksgiving coming up. I get a 4 day weekend!!