Monday, October 24, 2005

another day

Today I ordered 50 pictures from Winkflash for only 99¢. Yesss! Now I can finally start a photo album for Holden, and maybe a scrapbook. I also needed pictures to put on his calendar and his baby book.

Holden has been fussy today. He already cut his 2 top teeth just a few days ago. Maybe they're still bothering him. Or maybe he's cutting some more. I guess we'll see.

We were brave tonight (or just plain nuts). We let him eat a plate of spaghetti by himself. It was so hilarious when we first put the plate down he just looked at us like, "What the hell are you doing!". He didn't hesitate for long though. He loved it!! I'll post pictures later.


Susan Davis said...

Hey Lauren! This is Susan from PW. Cute blog! I will come back and visit it more often now that I know it's here! :) :)