Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meeting Diego

Our Toys"R"Us added a Babies"R"Us, so today they had a Grand Opening. They had some characters there: a bear, cat in the hat, Geoffrey the giraffe, Spiderman, and Diego. Holden was most thrilled to see Diego from the tv show Go Diego Go. He kept saying "Go!". He was absolutely terrified of all of the other characters, besides Spiderman.

Here he is with Diego:

Here is the rest of the gang. Holden did not appreciate it when they walked by. He was sceaming and saying scary.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Activity Time

Another Mom on one of the message boards I frequent posted some lesson plans. That really helped jump start some activities. On Wednesday we made a hand tree. It was a lot of fun. I was skeptical on whether Holden would like it, as he doesn't like his hands being dirty. But he really got into it!

Today I let Holden play an online game at The one we played was called Maisy's Blocks. It gave me an idea for an activity. We looked through a magazine for letters and then found pictures that started with that particular letter. This is our finished product:

Look at his cheesy grin! What a goofball!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Potty Time!

We received our Baby Bjorn Potty chair the other day. Holden was so excited when he saw the package so we opened it right away. He immediately wanted his clothes off. Not just his diaper and shorts... but EVERYTHING. LOL. He sat on the potty most of the evening. He went pee in it TWICE!

Here he is sitting on it while watching t.v. and having a drink.:-)

Clapping for himself. He was just pretending to go potty when I took this picture. When he actually went, I was too busy praising him to get a picture.

We still have a long way to go with potty training, but at least this is a start!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday ~ first home

This week we will travel back to our first home... was it your very own apartment, or a home with your new spouse? What memories do you have from that first home? How did you make that first house (or apartment) a home?

I don't have to think back to far for this one. We just purchased our first home a little over a year ago- May 2006. Holden was 16 months old.

When we first moved in we were excited. It was the perfect starter home. It was already painted beautifully inside. The previous owner was an interior designer, so it wasn't just plain ol' paint. In the living room there is a faux finish. In the entry way there is an accent wall with an adjacent wall that has vertical stripes. Very nice!

We've had some bad stuff happen in this house. 2 1/2 weeks after moving in our sweet dog Toby was hit by a car. It was DEVESTATING. Then I had a miscarriage. I had found out I was pregnant just days before Toby was killed. After that I got sick... many many months later I finally got a diagnosis. So there were definitely some bad memories. At times I even blamed the house. Feeling like there was some sort of evil curse. I know that is ridiculous, but I can't deny thinking that.

There have been good things as well. Holden got tubes put in his ears and they have been a miracle sent. My baby can hear now... and he says new words all. of. the. time. We went to the animal shelter shortly after losing Toby and found our dog Max. I hadn't planned on getting another Golden Retriever, but it was kind of like he found us. We were looking at another dog and these people were walking by with Max. They put him back in his pin. They had just taken him for a walk to see if they wanted to adopt him. We were immediately drawn to him. And the rest is history. So there has been good happenings as well. I'm confident that there will be many more good memories made in this house.