Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain, rain, and more rain

Yesterday we got a torrential amount of rain. Nearly 8 inches in a 24 hour period! It is the most rain we have ever gotten in one day. Before that it was around 4 inches. So we nearly doubled the record.

It was a lazy day for us. We just stayed home to avoid going out in the water. Holden even stayed in his pj's all day long. It was fun though... a very relaxing day.

Our street turned into a river.

This was even before it got really bad. At one point the water went half way up our walk way. Yikes!

Holden was so fascinated by all the water. :-)

We are supposed to receive more rain this evening. Hopefully it doesn't flood too much. As of last night, they were about to delare a state of emergency. Some people's houses were even getting flooded out. It's crazy! Oh and I think this is a first... school was cancelled today because of all the flooding. I don't ever remember that happening before.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Holden was pretending to be pregnant like Aunt Tiffany. He has his Toby underneath his shirt. LOL!