Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Randomness that is Lauren's Camera

My camera has such a wide array of pictures on it. Here is some of what I just uploaded..

#1) Me being being a dork in the car today. We drove to Hobbs, NM and back to take my mil to pick up a car. I decided to do an improptu photo shoot of yours truly. This picture is contradictory- I'm giving a peace sign, yet I look like I'm going to bite someone's head off... Okaaaay.

#2) I heart shoes very much and love love painted toe nails. Here are both of my loves together. On my feet I'm styling a pair of Simply Vera Wangs (that I scored at Kohls for 90% off, woot!) and freshly painted toes (it's the best I could do while in a moving vehicle!)

#3) The dogs playing in the snow.. (What, snow? Yeah, I told you it was random.) We got snow on Friday. Today it is a beautiful day. Go figure. I guess Mother nature wasn't finished with us yet.

#4) Holden woke up with a rash the other day. We're thinking it is a reaction to his antibiotics, so we have stopped them from now. He had a similar reaction a couple years ago to Augmentin. Poor Baby!

And lastly a cute one... Holden getting his cousin to laugh. *Swoon* Just so much cuteness!