Monday, May 18, 2009

My camera is MISSING!

Aghhh!!!! Why, oh why, did it have to get lost??? I've lost my camera twice since we got back from our Chicago vacation. The first time it turned out that it had just fallen behind the desk. Now this time I have NO CLUE here it is. Me and Matt turned over the house looking for it and it's NOWHERE. I'm sure it will show up in some obvious place that we've looked at a million bajillion times. That's what happened when I lost my cell phone. We had looked in every part of the car over and over. Then one day I looked in the side part of the door and there was my phone.

Well other than my camera being mia nothing much has been going on. Pretty boring aroudn here... but I kind of like boring sometimes, so I'll enjoy it for now. Holden, Matt, and his Mom are at Auto Zone right now. (Their favorite place to go these days.) Matt's Mom bought and '89 Firebird and they are trying to fix it up. Holden went for the ride the other day and got to ride in the front seat (it doesn't have an air bag). He loved being able to ride in the front.

I better go and try to enjoy my me time before they get back.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Yay for May!

I love May. I love the weather. I love the flowers. I love pretty much everything about it.

Here are some of my favorite May pictures from the last few years.




Frugal Friday- Happy May Day!

Yay, I have made it to two Frugal Friday's. I wasn't sure if I would remember!

Well last week's Breakfast for Dinner was delicious. I figured for the whole meal it cost right around $5. Not too shabby to feed 4 people! I'm not going to do that every Friday, but going to try to one night every week.

When I started this post, I had no clue what my next Frugal Friday goal was going to be. It isn't easy thinking about ways to save money.


Okay, so I thought of something. We go through paper towels like crazy. Not only does that cost money but it is such a waste. I try hard in other aspects to recycle, reuse, reduce.. but for some reason paper towels are our weakness. I use reusable plastic bottles when I drink water on the go, I use canvas bags at the grocery store, I try to recycle cans (though our city isn't very recycle-riendly). So now I need to try to use less paper towels.

So from now on I'm going to make a conscious effort to use less. I already started this morning with cleaning my kitchen. Instead of using new paper towels to wipe down the counter, I used some microfiber cloths that have been sitting, unused in my laundry area for some time.

Well there you have it... that is my Frugal Friday goal. It won't save much, but every little bit counts, right?

p.s. While I was googling a paper towel picture to use, I came across someone else's Frugal Friday post about just that- paper towels.

I think I might copy her and purchase some towels. I have microfiber towels, but only a few. I know, not so much a Frugal Friday... but it will pay for itself in the end.:-)