Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekend Project

This last weekend me and Matt re-did our spare bedroom. Before it was an office/playroom. It orginally was just a playroom so we had painted it a bright green color. Then when we decided to put our desk and computer in there, it just didn't seem right for the room to be green. We also had an issue with the room ALWAYS being messy. My son is a little spoiled with the toy department- okay a lot spoiled! So there were always toys EVERYWHERE. It drove me and Matt nuts.

So we decided to put all of Holden's toys in his closet. We bought a twin bed from a garage sale and made the room an office/guest room. We like it so much better! When we were deciding on the color we knew we wanted somethin neutral, but I didn't want beige. So we decided for a greyish khaki color. It's called sandstone cliff. It's very light- actually a little lighter than we anticipated, but I think it works well. The room isn't very big, so the lighter color makes it feel more open.

Now we are working on decorating. We found a picture at TJMaxx that we thought was just perfect. It was neat because the comforter we picked for the twin bed matched perfectly. It's reversible and both sides coordinate with colors on the picture.

The comforter (we got it at Walmart...isn't the criss cross pattern neat?)

Here is a zoomed in picture of the art work. Notice the greyish/khaki color on the outside of the picture...and sage color underneath it. They are very close to the same colors of the comforter. Just thought that was kind of neat how it worked out.

We still have more stuff we want to get including more wall decor, maybe another pillow or two, and a new desk... so it's not finished yet. But here is a picutre of what the room looks like so far. (We put the picture in the middle of the room, so it would tie the whole room together.) Like I said we still need more stuff for the wall... it looks a little bare right now, but we're getting there.


Keara @ Now I Know What Life Is All About said...

The room looks great! I love that picture. I never thought to look at TJMaxx. I will need to do that. Pretty much every wall in my house is bare. Its pretty sad.