Monday, January 21, 2008

Bad Luck

I'm not usually a superstitious person. I'm really not. However life events from the past 2 years have me feeling a little that way!

I know it's silly, but I kept help feeling like my house has a bad vibe or something. It seems we moved in and life just went downhill FAST.

I know, I know how could a house cause all this misfortune? It's probably just a coincidence, actually it's definitely a coincidence. But still I ponder about this from time to time.

We moved into our house on May 8, 2006.

May 24th~ Our precious dog, Toby, was hit by a car and killed. I still feel like I've been kicked in the stomach when I think about that.

July 6th~ I suffered a miscarriage. This was extremely devastating, I can't even explain.

January~ Started feeling sick. I first started noticing I was feeling dizzy all. of. the. time. I thought it was in my head at first, but I continued to have new, scary symptoms.

June 28th~ I finally got an answer to what had been causing me all my misery: I had Lyme Disease.

Present time~ still dealing with this disease. Feel very hopeless most. of. the. time.

So I know what you're thinking. 'This girl is crazy!' And maybe I am. Maybe these spirochetes that are floating around my body have invaded my brain, could be. I just feel like this house is under a black cloud sometimes. It just feels that way.

They do say bad things happen in 3's right? So maybe I just had one of those occurences happen.

Okay I feel completely nuts for posting this, but oh well. Whatever.