Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Ramblings

These are kind of jumbled up thoughts because I'm tired. Last night I had multiple middle-of-the-night wake up calls courtesy of Holden.

On Friday we ordered a heart shape pizza from Papa Murphy's. Isn't it cute? After being in the oven it kind of lost it's heart shape, but you can kind of see it.

Holden got a heart shaped cookie from his Grandma and one from his Aunt Tiffany. Funny story.. I was eating some of his cookie and got caught. He asked, "Why you eating my cookie". I said, "I'm just trying it to make sure it taste good for you." My mother-in-law was cracking up. Holden just said, "ok". He seemed satisfied by that answer. Whew!

On Valentine's day I asked Holden who was going to be my Valentine. He said him and Daddy. Then he told me that he wanted to take me out to Chick-fil-a. He wanted to drive me there in his car (his cozy coupe car). Isn't that sweet? Maybe he should give his Daddy some pointers! Matt dropped the ball this V-day. He didn't even give me a card! He has been under a lot of pressure with work and school, but I was still hurt by him. However we had a long talk and things are better now.

We did go out to eat on Valentine's. We didn't really plan ahead because Matt had a school presentation he had to do that night and we weren't sure when it would be over. We ended up waiting about 30 minutes for a table at a restaurant we never go to because it's pretty expensive. The wait wasn't that bad compared to some places we called- Outback's wait was 2 hours!! After dinner we attempted to go to a movie but once again ran into the huge crowds of Valentine's Day. All the movies that we wanted to see were sold out. Boo Hoo! (You would think we had never been out on Valentine's day. LOL.) We headed home where my Mama's boy was giving Nana a hard time because he wanted me to put him to bed.

My mil took some good pictures of me and Matt all dressed up. It's such a rarity, so I wanted to get it on camera.:-)

Well I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!