Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Randomness that is Lauren's Camera

My camera has such a wide array of pictures on it. Here is some of what I just uploaded..

#1) Me being being a dork in the car today. We drove to Hobbs, NM and back to take my mil to pick up a car. I decided to do an improptu photo shoot of yours truly. This picture is contradictory- I'm giving a peace sign, yet I look like I'm going to bite someone's head off... Okaaaay.

#2) I heart shoes very much and love love painted toe nails. Here are both of my loves together. On my feet I'm styling a pair of Simply Vera Wangs (that I scored at Kohls for 90% off, woot!) and freshly painted toes (it's the best I could do while in a moving vehicle!)

#3) The dogs playing in the snow.. (What, snow? Yeah, I told you it was random.) We got snow on Friday. Today it is a beautiful day. Go figure. I guess Mother nature wasn't finished with us yet.

#4) Holden woke up with a rash the other day. We're thinking it is a reaction to his antibiotics, so we have stopped them from now. He had a similar reaction a couple years ago to Augmentin. Poor Baby!

And lastly a cute one... Holden getting his cousin to laugh. *Swoon* Just so much cuteness!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Quarter of a Century

My hubby turned the big 2-5 today (actually I guess yesterday, since it's already past midnight).

The day started with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes made by yours truly. Holden enjoyed them (and I think Matt did too).

I decided to make Matt a German Chocolate Chocolate cake this year. I had never made it before.. It isn't something I would want to make often- it's too much work! But I think it turned out well.

Penelope came by to wish Nuncle Matt a Happy Birthday. She brought along her Grandma and Grandpa too. Penelope is all smiles these days. I caught this picture of her. Isn't she precious?

Later Matt opened his gifts.

This evening we went out to eat at Matt's favorite place- Outback Steakhouse. I forgot to take a pic of him eating his birthday dinner but Matt took this picture of him and his Mama.

I tried to get a picture of me and Holden, but he wasn't having it.:-(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Three's Company Too

The 3rd demon-eyed dog in this picture is a newcomer to our family. His name is Tripp. We adopted him from the animal shelter last Thursday. We already have 2 big dogs (Max and Chandler- the 1st and 2nd dogs and the above pic). To most that would be more than enough animals, but not for us. I have always loved dogs, in particular big dogs, and had been wanting to adopt another for some time. I finally got Matt to agree so we went to the shelter and found Tripp. We were informed that he had faced euthanization twice. When he first came in they were going to put him down, but decided he was worthy of adoption. By the time we came along he had been in the adoption area for a little over a month and he didn't have much longer. We are so happy that we found him when we did! He has been deemed Holden's dog by Holden. Though I think he is more my dog- he follows me everywhere.

He loves to pull my clothes out into the living room. He doesn't chew them up, he just carries them out and leaves them on the floor. This morning he dragged out my *ahem* bra and I had to take a picture. I figured maybe his ears were cold with the freezing weather we've been having so I wrapped it around his head. LOL!

It wasn't easy finding a suitable name for Tripp. I never realized how hard it is to name a dog! We initially decided on Murphy while we were still at the shelter but when we got home we felt like the name just didn't fit him. Later while discussing names Matt mentioned Bristol, which made me think of Sarah Palin's daughter, which then made me think of Bristol's baby's name which is Tripp. Funny thing is right after we decided on the name I was walking up the stairs and was tripped by Tripp. Also the dog is a trip. A couple days after we got him, we were out running errands when we got a call. The dogs had gotten out- all 4 of them (our dogs and my mother-in-law's dog). We couldn't figure out how they did it. After getting the dogs from our neighbor, we pretended to leave again. Matt stood next to the gate. Not two seconds after we started pulling out of the driveway Tripp pulled the latch down with his mouth and pushed open the gate with his arms. I don't know what is with us adopting animals with amazing skills. We have Max, who can scale a 6ft. fence, and now Tripp who can open a gate. Luckily Tripp's ability is easily curbed with a lock.

Yesterday Tripp had to go to the vet to get neutered. Amazingly he acts as if nothing happened. We figured he would be a little sluggish, but he was just as spunky as always.

The other dogs are getting along pretty well with Tripp. I think he is a good fit for our family. Max and Chandler are like night and day. Max wants to be inside all of the time, only goes outside to potty. While Chandler loves to be outside. Tripp is somewhere in between the two. He likes to be inside more than Chandler, but enjoys being outside more than Max. Most of the time he will go outside and play with Chandler.

Tripp has already made himself at home. Yes *gasp* we let our dogs on the furniture. He is a typical Pointer and wants to do whatever people are doing. He takes the "part of the family" saying to heart.