Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Part 1!

Since we were going to be in Colorado for Christmas we had an early celebration with my family the Friday before. I cooked dinner and we exchanged our gifts.

Here is Holden in his dump truck my sister got him:

Here is the meal I cooked. I know I'm a dork for taking a picture of food, but oh well!

Our Christmas Tree!

Present Time!

Just pictures of Holden (and one of Matt) because no one else wanted their picture taken. Grinches! LOL. And me being the picture taker was behind the camera. So that's why it's mostly just Holdie.

My Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bruce sent Holden a couple gifts! He really liked them... He got books and one of the books came with puppets. So neat!

The gift I was most excited about Holden opening... a train. Since like November whenever we would ask Holden what he wanted Santa to bring him he would say a train, so I had to get him one!

Well that wraps up Christmas at the Turner house.

Look at the next entry to see about our Christmas in Colorado...


Keara @ Now I Know... said...

Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas! Holden made out like a bandit! How does he like that train? We are thinking about getting the same one for Anden.