Thursday, January 08, 2009

Birthday 101

Go to your favorite restaurant for lunch. For most kids that might be Chuck E. Cheese or some other place that has pizza and games, but for a more sophisticated palette Applebee's is the place to go!

Know how to show everyone your age...

Make sure you have all 4 fingers up when you are turning 4.

Act all cool and nonchalant when the employees sing to you. Or at least pretend to be..

Dig into your yummy chocolate cake and icecream. Once you've had your fill you can allow the others to have just one bite. It's okay to be stingy on your Birthday.

Take a quick photo op with Mom and Dad. Just make sure not to let the fork out of your grip.. once the picture is done you can resume eating the delicious chocolateness

Later invite family and friends over for a little party. Show your friend your newest toys..

Open your presents...

After you are sung to (yet again) you can blow our the candles on your cake. The goal is to do it all in one breath.

However if you are just 4 and don't have the lung capacity for that, one at at time will do.

When you have a paparazzo for a Mom she'll want to take a picture of EVERYTHING. Even if she forgot about the cake until after the first piece was cut.

Dig into some more delicious cake. Don't worry about taking bites, the whole piece is much better!

Don't worry about wiping your face... no time for that.

Join me next year for another installment of Birthday 101


Kim said...

I love Birthday 101! That was great!! And he is getting soooo big!! What a fun birthday!!

Keara said...

HOW FUN! We love Applebees too! Did he get the Geotrax Airport? That is what Anden is getting too!