Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy last few days..

Thursday my inlaws arrived. My mil's grandfather passed away and they came to attend the services.

Friday we went to Pampa, Texas to pay our respects. It was our first trip since buying Holden's Britax carseat. He seemed comfortable the whole way and even fell asleep!

Saturday we went to Rosa's Cafe. Good restaurants are in short supply in Colorado (where my inlaws live) so they wanted to take advantage of the delicious tex-mex we have. Rosa's is one of our favorite places. Afterwards we took the boys to the Legacy Play Village. They had a blast.. but once again it sure was hot.

Sunday we headed to the mall. I felt very lightheaded that day so the walking around was hard, but I managed. That night we hung around the house. We spent a lot of time in the backyard playing basketball. We made a little tournament out of it. It was fun! We also played Scene-It.. which was a blast.

Monday everyone headed back to Colorado. I'm always sad when family leaves.. but not long after they left Holden and I (well actually just I) decided to go tag along with Matt. He had to go to Odessa for his job. In all the time I've lived here (pretty much my whole life) I had never been to Odessa.. or Midland. (The hometown of George Bush).

We had a good time. We stopped in Midland and ate at JumBurrito. It was DELICIOUS!! Seriously one of the best burritos I've ever had. Then we went to Odessa. Me and Holden waited at McDonalds while Matt went to do his work. After that we went to the Music City Mall. It's a pretty neat place. Much cooler than our mall.

So, anyway, that's what we've all been up to. In less than 3 weeks we will be leaving to go to Louisiana. I'm pretty excited about that!!

I'll end this entry with a picture of Holden and his cousins.:-) They were laying on the bed watching Bambi.

Oh and Angie cut Holden's hair while they were here. It was much needed!! It was a struggle getting it cut.. I don't know why, but the boy HATES having his hair cut. We had to stick him right in front of the t.v. and give him a bag of grapes. He still wiggled a lot.

(Ignore the messy face...this was taken after eating a happy meal on the way to Odessa)


Mother Ring said...

He's gotten so big since we met you! I love his hair cut. He's such a little man now!

We'll see you again sometime soon.